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Val Mustair

In the midst of well kept lawns and woods, happens to discover typical small villages and true architectural gems.
This is Val Müstair, which takes its name from the main center of the valley, and in this very exciting town, you can discover the Monastery of St. John, Carolingian considered a jewel of Humanity by UNESCO Well, built in the eighth century for will of Charlemagne.
The valley also boasts the presence of the highest town in Switzerland, Lü, at 1920 m., surrounded by unspoiled nature.
Val Monastero winds for about twenty km from Passo del Forno (Ofen Pass) to the Italian border.
Twenty kilometers exciting for people from abroad with a mild climate that allows you to see a green lawns, sparkling, well-kept, livestock grazing, mountain lakes and looked up and imposing peaks.
Scented groves alternate with small and characteristic villages rich in history.
In this fairy-tale valley could not miss a touch of magic: from Doss Radond, under the same name, lace, a strange Monticolo shaped castle in ruins is said to bring good: baciandolo, a popular legend says that it is immune from sickness teeth.
Excellent for walkers.

Müstair(mt. 1248)
Sta. Maria (mt. 1375) Hauptstrasse
Valchava (mt. 1435)
Fuldera (mt. 1641)
Tschierv (mt. 1704)
Lü (mt. 1918)
Ofenpass (mt. 2149)
Umbrailpass (mt. 2501)